Cockroaches are considered to be one of the most dangerous pests in homes and businesses. They inhabit dirty places and can spread germs and bacteria through their legs. Moreover, they multiply very fast. Keep the pest infestation from getting worse with the help of our cockroach pest control in Singapore. One or two cockroaches can easily turn into an infestation since they breed quickly. They are also drawn to accessible food and water sources. A cockroach infestation can be avoided from the get go by eliminating these feeding sources. Don't leave food out, fix water leakage, and periodically dispose of your trash. Should the infestation persist, call our cockroach pest control team as early as possible.

Cockroaches are not only an annoyance, but they can also be harmful. They can disperse bacteria and germs and possibly set off people's allergies. One cockroach is frequently a sign of a larger infestation. To effectively eradicate them and stop them from returning to your property, it is crucial to always seek the assistance of a professional cockroach pest control firm. We concentrate on stopping pest issues before they start. Our cockroach pest control service seeks  to find the origin of the problem, get rid of it, and utilise preventative measures to keep roaches at bay. Cockroaches are skilled concealers. There are likely more around if you notice one inside your premises. We will identify every place that is affected and eradicate the problem through effective cockroach pest control services.

Our Cockroach Pest Control Solutions




Sugar Baiting

·        Gel Baiting

A tempting source of food plus a slow-acting pesticide makeup cockroach gel bait. When cockroaches leave their nest to look for food, they will discover the cockroach gel bait, consume a lethal amount, and then pass away a few hours later, frequently inside the nest. For complete colony management, this delayed action of cockroach pest control is essential.

The fact that small cockroaches frequently stay in the nest and refuse to even go out to look for food contributes significantly to cockroach problems. They consume the droppings of adult cockroaches. Thus, the small quantities of the insecticide left in the droppings will kill off the small roaches. This enables the cockroach pest control to completely eradicate the colony.

·        Spraying

This spray solution works well against spiders, termites, cockroaches, and ants. This spray solution is used for community or common areas where cockroach pest control is needed, particularly in places like the basement, manholes, beneath stairs, and kitchens. Contrary to widespread assumption, cockroaches do not die by breathing in the insecticide. They will have to come into contact with the insecticide. Therefore, during the cockroach pest control treatment, we request that the property owners leave the areas where infestations are present. This prevents inhaling too much of the spray.

·        Dusting

One of our cockroach pest control solutions is applied as powders or dusts. Boric acid is the main substance for this solution. Boric acid is proven to work wonders for cockroach eradication. After crawling over surfaces that have been treated with Boric dust, roaches die from boric acid. The cockroach ingests the powdery particles as they stick on its legs and antennae. For as long as the dust deposit is dry, boric acid keeps its effectiveness for a long time. Thus, when the adult cockroach goes back to the nest, it can infect the small ones with the powder sticking on its body.

·        Sugar Baiting

The majority of homeowners will have better success cockroach pest control with insecticides designed as sugar baits. A slow-acting pesticide mixed with food bait are both components of our sugar baits. Pests discover the bait, consume it, and then flee to perish. After inadvertently consuming traces of the toxin released in the droppings of the infected adult cockroaches, non-exposed small roaches may also perish inside the colony. Sugar baits are quite easy to install at home and are ideal for long term use.

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