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Mould Removal in Singapore

Mould is one of the most common problems for many homeowners in a humid country like Singapore. Mould tends to breed in damp and hot surfaces and it can cause several respiratory infections with prolonged exposure. It often grows in hard to clean areas such as the tile grouts or the parts of the walls closest to the ceiling. Mould produces spores that cause allergies and it is very crucial that we take measures to rid our homes or offices of mould. For this very reason, we at Ridpest started offering mould removal in Singapore along with our other pest control services.  

Our mould removal services are based on scientifically proven methods in removing traces of moulds from their root. Thus, you can rest assured that our service will not only remove the mould from your property but also prevent it from coming back. This 2 in 1 method will help you save up in the long run and will be able to protect your property and loved ones all at the same time. Talk to us today to book our mould removal service today.

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Ridpest is the leading pest control company in Singapore that offers comprehensive solutions while ensuring the health and environmental safety compliance. We have a wide range of services to offer, each specifically targeting a certain type of pest, for your residential and commercial property needs.

No task is too small or too big for Ridpest. Here, we treat each and every client’s request as a special task that we need to give our full attention and capabilities on. This dedication can be seen from what our clients say about their experiences with us!

Ridpest has a long track record of successful pest control measures including mould removal in Singapore. Since 1973, we have been researching the nature of various pests commonly found in our country. This leads us to an extensive knowledge about these pests that we use to tailor our solutions. Moreover, we always consider eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives when designing our solutions. Here are some of the key factors why our mould removal service stands out from the rest:

  • Knowledge-based techniques

    Our methods for mould removal do not come from hear-say or “what works best based on”. We research our trade and we design our services based on the findings we get from those research. Thus, you can guarantee scientifically proven techniques from us.

  • Extermination and Prevention

    We do not settle for extermination alone. Our mould removal service is backed by preventive measures to ensure that mould infestation will not reoccur in your property.

  • Health and Environmentally Friendly

    Mould is a typical cause of allergies so why would you settle for mould removal service that can harm your respiratory system? Our solutions are proven to be safe for kids, adults, animals, and plants.

  • Hassle-free Service

    Our mould removal service will cause zero to minimal disruption to your daily routine. This way, you can now have a hassle-free mould removal for your home and workplace.

Trust only the best when it comes to mould removal in Singapore. Talk to our specialists today so we can help you find the most ideal solutions for you!

Protect your walls, ceilings and floors from mould. Get our pest control service today!

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