Car Fumigation Service in Singapore

Your car may breed cockroaches and bed bugs when exposed to the pests and left untreated. This may cause various problems ranging from discomfort to acquiring diseases in the long run. Moreover, pest infestations inside a vehicle can be difficult to detect. For one, we do not stay too long inside the car to know whether there are bed bugs on the seat or cockroaches larvae breeding inside. When we start seeing signs of infestations, the case is often already serious. This is why booking a car fumigation in Singapore is important. Whether you are experiencing the infestation or not, you need to have pest control experts assess your car once in a while.

Car fumigation service can offer various advantages for you, your family and/or business. Busting out cockroaches and other pests inside the vehicle can keep the passengers safe from acquiring illnesses like malaria, dengue or hives due to insect bites. Car fumigation can also protect your vehicle from damages caused by various pests. Whether you are managing your own vehicle or a company vehicle, learning the importance of car fumigation is a must. Car fumigation in Singapore is one of the most effective ways to keep your car pest-free and safe for the goods and passengers. Choose Ridpest for your car’s pest control today.


Private cars and company fleets need car fumigation service from time to time so your vehicle will not become a breeding ground of mosquitoes, flies, ants and bed bugs. For bigger vehicles such as trucks and buses, it will help lessen the chance of infestations from cockroaches and rodents inside the vehicle.

Mold Removal & Seat Cleansing

We also do mould removal and spot cleaning for your car’s seats. Due to the humidity level in Singapore, many cars are experiencing mould infestations that can cause allergies to passengers. Whether it is made of leather or fabric, we have the right solution to rid mould from your car seat.

Steam Cleaning

We also do steam cleaning for cars to kill mould and other pests inside the vehicle in an effective manner. Steam cleaning your car can remove not just insects and mould but also the bad odour inside the vehicle. Book an appointment with us at first signs of car pest infestations.

Vehicular Fumigation - Revolutionary Desiccated CO2 Techonolgy

MIRAKNⓇ is a unique formulation, based on mix of carbon dioxide (CO2) with active ingredient and doesn't contain any solvent. Unlike conventional spraying technologies, it could disperse ultrafine particles which travel through the air to reach every corner in the premise and able to control a wide range of crawling and flying pest insects. This also mean that there will be no residue left behind, unlike conventional water-based fumigators.

Additionally, Sumitomo Mirakn Gas is designed with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. It has a low environmental impact and a favorable safety profile when used according to recommended guidelines. The product is carefully formulated to minimize off-target effects and has been extensively tested to ensure its efficacy and safety.


Car fumigation service has been a necessary practice for sanitation and damage control in Singapore. Whether it is a family-owned vehicle that takes your children to school and you to your work everyday or a fleet vehicle that carries goods to another location or a passenger vehicle, we have the best car fumigation solutions for you.

Whether you start to observe some signs of infestations inside your vehicle or you are still in the phase of suspecting it, it is always good to take precautionary measures. Our car fumigation experts can offer you the best solutions for your vehicle depending on your needs and the severity of the infestation. See some of the cars we have serviced here at Ridpest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Car fumigation in Singapore provides you with an effective disinfection and sanitisation solution for your vehicles. We use specialised techniques and equipment to eliminate harmful bacteria, germs and viruses, and cockroaches that can pose health risks. Our approach is effective and safe in contrast to DIY methods, especially in maintaining your vehicle interior clean and infection and pest-free.

The frequency of car fumigation often depends on various factors, including usage patterns, personal preference and exposure to contaminated areas. In most cases, it is ideal to avail of a car fumigation service in Singapore at least once every few months or quarterly.

Yes. Car fumigation performed by a reputable and experienced service provider is generally safe for you and your passengers. Our car fumigation service in Singapore follows a strict protocol to ensure safety without causing damage to the vehicle's interior and affecting human health.

MIRAKN gas, which is revolutionary because of the benefits it provides. It is non-flammable and it has excellent penetration, leaving no residue or smell. It is also environmentally friendly. 

Only licensed pest control operators are able to use this product for its multiple benefits.


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