Our Trusted Pest Control Services

Since our humble beginning back in 1973, Ridpest has been providing quality and reliable pest control services in Singapore for affordable rates. We aim to provide the best and most effective solutions for pest control and pest management in residential and commercial properties. Thus, we strive to improve our solutions in such a way that they will follow the global standards for health and environmental safety while keeping the process at maximum efficiency.

Positive feedback from our clients is what fuels us to keep up with the modernization of pest control services to continuously deliver positive outcomes. In this industry wherein the trusts of the people are among the most important factors to stay ahead of the competition, we are able to produce results that satisfy our clients which ultimately helped our company grow. Today, our pest control services have expanded to reach more people and industries in need of effective pest management. Here are some of our services:


Our pest control services for residential properties are designed to effectively eliminate common house pests including cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, house flies and more. This is while keeping your family safe by using chemicals that won’t harm our health. We also try to ensure zero to minimal disruption in your daily household routine as we conduct our pest control.


We also offer quality, safe and effective commercial pest control services to keep business establishments free from destructive and disease-causing pests such as rodents, flies and cockroaches. We also operate while ensuring that your business operations will have zero to minimal disruptions as we believe in helping your business with utmost priority.


Your vehicle can be a breeding ground and home for disease-causing dengue mosquitoes as they love to stay in warm areas. To keep you and your family safe from dengue fever, high fever or malaria, we are offering a car fumigation service as part of our pest control services in Singapore.


The long time that the ship is stuck by the deck along with the little puddle of water stuck inside its premises can breed mosquitoes, it is not to mention that rodents and cockroaches can also lurk in the dark rooms down the cabin. Thus, we offer intensive pest control services specially designed for marine vessels.


While working on a building or a property, puddles of water where mosquito larvae can breed are always often present, rodents and cockroaches from the sewers may also invite themselves in while the building is not yet erected. To keep your construction sites free from pests, we recommend our pest control services.


Do you need to consult our pest control experts regarding the pest problems and infestations happening inside your home or business establishments? Should you need advice on what solution to get or an assessment on which type of pest can be lurking around your property, we are offering consultation services to help you address the issue and find a solution.