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Since our humble beginning back in 1973, Ridpest has been providing quality and reliable pest control services in Singapore for affordable rates. We aim to provide the best and most effective solutions for pest control and pest management in residential and commercial properties. Thus, we strive to improve our pest control services in such a way that they will follow the global standards for health and environmental safety while keeping the process at maximum efficiency.

Positive feedback from our clients is what fuels us to keep up with the modernization of pest control services to continuously deliver positive outcomes. In this industry wherein the trust of the people are among the most important factors to stay ahead of the competition, we are able to produce results that satisfy our clients which ultimately helped our company grow. Today, our pest control services have expanded to reach more people and industries in need of effective pest management. Here are some of our services:

Pest management services

Quality and efficient pest control services can save your property, assets and loved ones from various hazards brought by pest infestations. But how do we find the best provider of pest control services in Singapore? Here are some tips we can offer:

  • Opt for Experience
    Experience is a very crucial thing to have for companies offering pest control services. When you want to ensure that your property will be free of whatever pests it currently suffers from, you have to address the issue from the grass-root. This is where experience matters. An experienced provider of pest control services can offer tailored solutions for your needs.

  • Prioritise Honesty and Transparency
    Transparency is also important as pest control services are often costly. You would not want to have a dishonest team who will compromise the solutions for some kind of kick-back, right? Thus, choosing a pest control service provider with a reputation for honesty is a good decision.

  • Include Customer Service in Your Criteria
    While the quality of pest control services matters, customer service is equally important. It is always a part of the company’s job to handle customers’ queries with respect and patience. Moreover, you would want to be able to freely express your thoughts on the services you’ll receive. Thus, you need a customer service team that will be an active listener to turn your observations to helpful insights.

All of these are qualities you can find in our team here at Ridpest. Should you need a good pest control service provider for your property? Talk to us today!

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