Why Cockroaches are Harmful to Both Homes and Businesses

Posted on22 Aug

corners with cockroach infestation

It’s safe to say that no one likes cockroaches, and we avoid them like the plague for good reason. Cockroaches aren’t just ominous looking; they are also extremely resilient and often carry leftovers from their latest feeding comprising faeces and other waste products, including other dead cockroaches, making them a spreader of infectious diseases. Plainly put, cockroaches pose a real threat to homes and businesses alike, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at these threats to better understand why cockroach pest control in Singapore is so important.

Cockroaches Bite and Cause Allergies

small red raised bumps on the skin

Cockroaches often thrive in poorly sanitised environments before scurrying off into homes and offices, bringing with them a whole slew of bacteria and dirt that can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma, upper respiratory conditions, and skin rash. Additionally, folks might not know this, but cockroaches do bite, as if they’re not nightmarish enough. This happens when cockroaches are in urgent need of food, biting hands, fingers, fingernails, or even the edges of your mouth. The bites themselves aren’t as harmful, but they too can cause allergies or skin infections. This can be quite dangerous in households with young children or other vulnerable family members, or at the office, where illnesses can spread relatively easily. If you suspect a cockroach infestation in your premises, do not hesitate to engage in pest management services before it gets out of hand.

Cockroach Sightings Ruin Reputations

cockroach infestation on food

Here in Singapore, news spreads like wildfire, and a F&B establishment’s reputation can take a serious hit from just one negative encounter. This is especially so for cockroach sightings, as no one needs to see one when they’re trying to enjoy a meal, and spotting one on the premises often leads to pretty disturbing follow-up questions and concerns, like whether cockroach droppings or parts have inadvertently made their way inside the food. Similarly, if you’re operating a home business or a babysitting service, prospective clients will also be turned off if they spot a cockroach in your home. It takes a long time for tarnished reputations to be restored, if they ever are. Safeguard your reputation with cockroach pest control in Singapore.

Cockroaches Stink up Places

Cockroach on work device

Apart from being extremely unsightly, cockroaches stink as well. This is because cockroaches use odours to communicate with each other regarding food, mating opportunities, and residential convenience. Cockroaches use chemicals known as cuticular hydrocarbons found on their bodies and legs to produce these odours. This isn’t just a health threat, it’s also detrimental for morale, both at home and in the office, especially when the latter requires a conducive and clean working environment for employees to thrive. No one wants to live in a smelly home, and no one wants to work in a smelly office, period. Pest management is an essential part of keeping homes and offices clean and fit for occupation.

Cockroaches Damage Infrastructure

Cockroach infestation damaging walls

While cockroaches do not directly attack infrastructure, cockroach infestations inside walls, insulation, and under floorboards can lead to lasting damage to those areas. Unlike termites, cockroaches do not eat wood, but they will still likely eat into the adhesives being used to bind the wood. Clearly, this would be costly to homes and offices alike, leading to unnecessary expenses in an attempt to fix the widespread damage. Nip it in the bud before the infestation exacerbates with cockroach pest control in Singapore.

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