Signs of Pest Infestation in Your Office

Posted on21 Oct

Pest crawling over silver laptop

Offices are generally large spaces with plenty of hiding space for pests. It’s not a surprise, then, that pest infestations can go largely undetected until they’ve grown exponentially and can only be eradicated with commercial pest control services. However, it doesn’t mean that they’re completely undetectable; pests often leave evidence of their existence behind, so if you want to stay one step ahead of them and nip these infestations in the bud before they get out of hand, here are some telltale signs to look out for.

Pest Sightings

Resident trying to annihilate pest in his own home

Pests may be good at hiding, but they’ll have to come out sooner or later to hunt for food, build nests, and so on. If you or a co-worker happen to spot pests surfacing, it often means that there are more hiding somewhere. Good pest management is to never assume that it’s just a few of those critters scurrying around. Take pest sightings seriously and thoroughly investigate and search your office to locate a potential infestation and stamp it out before it grows further.

Pest Droppings & Urine

Presence of rodents in the area

Another clear physical evidence of pest infestation at the office is the presence of droppings or urine stains, especially those of rodents. Those dropping are usually dark in colour and resemble ground pepper. You may also spot urine stains accompanying those droppings, commonly found at places where employees would normally go to eat, like the pantry or various break rooms. Rodent infestations can cause massive structural damages to your office, so engage pest control services in Singapore as soon as you spot droppings and stains.

Property Damage

Pest infesting on the property

Some pests don’t really leave obvious droppings behind, but you can often identify their presence by looking at the damage caused to the structure of the office itself. For instance, damaged wood caused by termite or ant infestations are quite common in offices. Rodents like trapped squirrels or raccoons, or even mice, may also chew through electrical wires and create holes throughout the building’s structure. Power trips may therefore be a sign of pest infestations. Ultimately, property damage not only racks up significant repair costs, it also jeopardises the safety of those working in the office. It is therefore important to seek out commercial pest control services before these pests cause even more damage.

Strange Smells

Woman smelling pest odour

Offices that have been infested after a period of time will probably start to emit strange smells depending on the kind of infestation. For instance, cockroaches sometimes come with an oily smell; mice have an ammonia-like smell; and bed bugs have a musty smell. Look out for these odours and seek out the appropriate pest management service to deal with these infestations. Additionally, personnel from pest control services in Singapore have the experience to identify these smells, the pests causing them, and the right solution to deal with them.

Gnaw Marks on Food Packaging

Rodent gnawing on some food leftover

One obvious way to identify rodent infestations is to check your food packaging for gnaw marks. These often occur in places stocked full of food, like the office pantry. Rodents are powerful biters, so they can probably bite through food packaging and take a chunk out of your food. Additionally, rodents carry diseases as well, which doesn’t bode well for your food supplies in the office, so it’s always best to sort rodent infestations as soon as possible with commercial pest control services.

With a wide range of pest control services in Singapore here at Ridpest, find the right solution for your office infestations today. For more information, please visit our website.

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