Protecting Your Business Boldings with Commercial Pest Control

Posted on17 Jan

Pests are a constant scourge in our everyday lives, and businesses are not exempt from these pesky critters either. While miniscule and seemingly insignificant, pests have the potential to undermine any kind of business, destroying years of hard labour and investment in the process. This is why commercial pest control services are an essential part of keeping your business going, safeguarded by professionals with the experience and expertise to eliminate even the most stubborn pests hiding in hard-to-reach spots. In this article, we will be exploring the different pest-induced pitfalls that businesses can avoid with commercial pest control services.

Damaged Reputation

Cockroach on a bread

If you’ve trawled through enough YouTube videos or review sites like Yelp and Tripadvisor, you’ll know that the speed of which information travels through the Internet these days is quite unforgiving on businesses that have made mistakes, because the whole world will know about it in an instant. This is especially true for F&B and healthcare businesses, whose reputations are extremely vulnerable to even the slightest hint of pests. Often, negative impressions stick and not many businesses can recover from that. They say prevention is better than cure, so be proactive in keeping your restaurant clean by engaging a commercial pest control service that can help eliminate common pests that can be found in F&B and healthcare establishments like rats and cockroaches. Here at Ridpest, we also provide our F&B clients — suppliers and manufacturers — with the necessary documents for audits, such as HACCP, SFA, and so on.

Losing Staff and Morale

Sneezing staff due to unhygienic workplace

It’s not rocket science that employees prefer working in a clean and hygienic environment. After all, pests carry an obscene amount of bacteria on them, which will inevitably rub off on employees. This means more sick days and less productivity. Not to mention, no one likes working in a filthy office, and unsurprisingly for some, this could be a deal breaker. Recent studies suggest that it costs around a third of an employee’s annual salary to replace them, so imagine losing a couple more because of a completely preventable pest issue. For some businesses, this could lead to further losses, like industry accreditations, customers, and vendors. Another common element that attracts pests is mould. Cockroaches, ants, and even rats, are either drawn to the mould itself, or the organisms that have been broken down by mould. Needless to say, breathing in mould is also harmful for humans in the long run. A clean working environment therefore keeps the team — and your business — together, and reflects the standard of management from the top. Commercial pest control services go a long way in helping businesses accomplish just that, ensuring that the workplace is free of pests through effective pest control measures. Ridpest also offers effective mould removal services in Singapore, and we are also able to provide industrial clients with audit documentations, such as ISO.

Structural Damage 

Rodent causing structural damage

When you think of pests that can cause structural damage, the most common culprit would be the termite. However, there are many other kinds of wildlife that can also pose a threat to a building’s structure and infrastructure, costing millions in damage every year. These pests include carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and other wood-boring insects. Other animals like rodents can also chew holes through cables for instance, causing a great deal of inconvenience when power outages happen as a result. These critters also pose a bio threat to the premises when they crawl up into tight spaces and eventually die. Protect your businesses with commercial pest control services that will thoroughly comb through your property for pests, employing a variety of methods such as fogging, which can only be done by certified professionals.

When you invest in pest control services, you’ll want to ensure that they are reliable and effective. With years of experience in the business aided by veteran pest control experts, your business will be in safe hands, from fumigation to mould removal services in Singapore, no pest issue will be left unresolved. For more information about how we can help you safeguard your business, please visit our website.



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