How Car Fumigation Helps Keep Your Car Clean from Pests

Posted on07 Dec

How Car Fumigation Helps Keep Your Car Clean from Pests

As car owners, we probably spend more time in them than we do anywhere else bar our own homes (or offices). More often than not, we’d drive them virtually everywhere, from the supermarket, to the park, to the office, and so on. Our car usage also increases when we have a family with kids as well, and it’s not uncommon either way, for dirt and other particles like food crumbs to accumulate in the car, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Without thorough cleaning, this can lead to unwanted pest infestations that could be harmful for your health and that of everyone who has been in your car. Find out what pests can be attracted to your car, and how car fumigation in Singapore is important in keeping it pest-free. 


Car fumigation Singapore Cockroaches


Cockroaches can often be found in cars with a source of food, such as leftover crumbs and water. Cockroaches are resilient and flexible, and can squeeze through tiny cracks or be inadvertently carried into your car via clothing and other belongings. What sets roaches apart from the other pests mentioned in this article is that they are known to carry bacteria and cause diseases like salmonella, making it more dangerous if you have kids or vulnerable people in your car. Cockroaches can survive on very little food, making them more resistant to conventional cleaning methods. Consider getting cockroach pest control in Singapore if you suspect that there’s an infestation at hand.

Typically, pest infestations in cars are hard to spot in their early stages and can often be found in small and tight spaces. This is why car fumigation in Singapore is effective as it permeates every inch of your car to thoroughly weed out these pests. On top of that, the fumigator our team at RidPest uses is a special water-based variant from Japan that uses essential oils with natural properties to repel pests organically without causing further harm to your health. For more information about our services, please visit our website.


Car fumigation Singapore Ants


Ants are attracted to food — sweet treats — in particular, so if you or your family members are snacking in the car, leftover particles could attract ants to your car. Sometimes, it could just be that there are ant nests in your garden or in other places where you park your car. Either way, the cavities in vehicles could make for the ideal warm and dry place for ants to build nests. Typically, it’s hard to spot an ant infestation until it’s glaringly obvious, which means that there’s probably a nest somewhere in your car already. Engage your local car fumigation in Singapore as soon as possible to thoroughly rid your car of ant nests. 

Bed Bugs

Car fumigation Singapore Bed Bugs


Despite its namesake, bed bugs can also be found in places without a bed; namely, your car. Bed bugs often feed on blood and are one of the few pests that can thrive even in the cleanest cars. In other words, even a thorough cleaning won’t guarantee that your car won’t be visited by these pesky critters. Bed bugs mostly feed at night but have no qualms about feeding during the day either. Additionally, they are hard to spot as they hide so well. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, car fumigation in Singapore is the best way to go about it as it is able to flush out even the most evasive bed bugs.


Car fumigation Singapore Spiders

Most spiders are harmless to humans and can be killed or captured and removed if you ever find one in your car. The issue isn’t the spider itself, but the wider implication. If you frequently spot spiders in your car, it could also mean that there are other bugs in the car that serve as the spiders’ food source, possibly an infestation of sorts. If you suspect that to be the case, car fumigation in Singapore will go a long way in solving your problems as these pests could be hiding in hidden crevasses around your car.

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