Foolproof Tips for Preventing Mould in Your Home

Posted on08 Jun

Foolproof Tips for Preventing Mould in Your Home

Respiratory problems, sinus infections, and headaches — those are just a few of the various health problems that mould poses if left untreated or allowed to thrive in your home. The spores that you inhale could potentially wreak havoc in your body, or even cause further damage in your home. This is why the importance of mould removal in Singapore cannot be understated, as it helps eradicate serious mould infestations and protect your household from related illnesses. Before it deteriorates to that point, however, there are things you can do to prevent mould from festering in your home. Here are a few helpful tips.

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Use a Dehumidifier

Use a Dehumidifier-mould removal in Singapore

Singapore is a warm and humid country, and these conditions are ideal for mould to thrive and grow. Investing in a dehumidifier is therefore one of the best forms of mould prevention, as it keeps the air in your home clean and dry. Alternatively, you may also get smaller, temporary carbon dehumidifiers for small nooks like cupboards and wardrobes. Carbon is also a good deodoriser and prevents bad odours from forming in areas around your home that are prone to pests, like the kitchen.

Ventilate by Opening the Windows

Ventilate by Opening the Windows-pest control services in Singapore

When the air circulating around your home starts to get stale and collect moisture, it becomes more conducive for mould to grow. To prevent this, ventilate your house as much as possible, especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms as they are extremely susceptible to mould — to that end, open a couple of windows when you’re cooking or having a bath; if you have a kitchen hood, use that as well. By doing so, steam can escape your home more easily instead of travelling around your home and adding to the moisture buildup around your walls which eventually leads to mould growth. A mould-free home also reduces the occurrence of pests, and the need for pest control services in Singapore.

Fix Leaking Roofs and Plumbing

Fix Leaking Roofs and Plumbing

Leaking roofs and plumbing can easily increase the moisture level in your home and encourage mould growth. If you’re living in a landed property, check your roofs regularly as leaks are sometimes hard to detect until it significantly worsens, causing substantial mould and structural damages in the process. Similarly, if you’re living in a flat, check your ceilings for wet patches and the like. Plumbing is also another part of your home that is prone to leakages, so inspect pipes, appliances, toilets as much as you can, and consider getting professional help if you wish to be even more thorough about it.

Keep Doors Shut

Keep Doors Shut-mould removal in Singapore

Just as keeping your home ventilated prevents mould from growing, keeping doors shut when you’re cooking or having a bath, for instance, prevents moisture from circulating around the rest of your home and mould from growing in those parts as well. Over time, condensation can build up on your walls, so a combination of due diligence and modern solutions like running a dehumidifier can prove to be highly effective in mould-proofing your home.

Ultimately, these tips, while helpful, can’t always guarantee a mould-free home. If you spot an infestation that is too much to handle, we recommend seeking professional mould removal in Singapore instead. Here at Ridpest, our technicians are highly trained and experienced, with all the tools and knowledge in the world to eradicate mould infestations of varying severity. Check out our website for more information about our services.

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