5 Lifestyle Habits to Adopt that Will Enhance Your Defences Against Pests

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When it comes to pest control in Singapore, homeowners have just as much, if not a bigger part to play in defending their homes against pests than pest control companies in Singapore ever will. While there are many instances where the professional expertise of pest control personnel could be useful, building a good defence against pests starts at home, and for homeowners, this means adopting the right lifestyle habits that could go a long way in minimising or sometimes, even eliminating the risk of pests showing up unaccounted at their doorstep. Here are a few examples of said habits.

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Never Leave Garbage Overnight in Your Home

It’s no secret that garbage, especially dead skin and food waste, is a hotspot for pests like cockroaches and rodents, and it leaves little to the imagination to figure out the consequences of leaving said garbage to fester overnight. Most Singaporean flats are blessed with garbage chutes that allow you to discard waste with the greatest of ease, so take advantage of them and ensure that your waste is always disposed of timely. In fact, if you have to leave your trash out during the day, we also recommend spraying disinfectant into the bin to put up some form of deterrent against pests that could potentially be attracted to it.

Put All Leftovers away and Seal Them up Properly

Similar to food waste, leftovers practically roll out the red carpet for pests to feast if left exposed long enough. A great form of pest control in Singapore is to ensure that your leftovers are properly sealed and in airtight containers and ziplock bags and stowed away. This also includes bits and crumbs that could be inadvertently left behind at the back of your pantry or on the floor after a meal, so do clean these areas out regularly as well.

Vacuum Frequently to Remove Eggs & Larvae

Pests like ants can sometimes be too small to spot, much less eggs and larvae crawling around under your own nose. Another form of pest management is to regularly vacuum your floor and fabrics where these critters may be hiding. We recommend vacuuming daily because it doesn’t take up a lot of time, but can be the difference between preventing and allowing a pest infestation to take place.

Declutter Your Home

Getting rid of the mess in your home isn’t just about sparking joy; pests don’t appreciate not having dark hiding spots to thrive in, so keeping your home organised and neat decreases the number of said spots, making it easier to identify and get rid of potential pest hotspots. Additionally, nurturing a habit of keeping your home neat and tidy is also an effective form of pest management as it helps you better scrutinise your home for dirt, and by extension, potential pest breeding grounds.

Wash & Dry Your Dishes

It’s often easier to leave dirty dishes in the sink, especially when you’re required to cook after a long day at work and there’s simply no more capacity for more chores. However, putting it off can lead to even more work down the line when you have to get rid of pests that are, once again, attracted to food waste and exposed leftovers stuck onto your dishes. It’s important to make it a habit to wash your dishes right after eating; not only does it minimise the risk of pest infestations, standing is also good for digestion right after you’ve eaten. More importantly, be sure to dry your dishes after washing to prevent stagnant water from pooling up.

Ultimately, these steps, however effective, can’t completely prevent pests from showing up at your home, and if you find yourself dealing with an infestation, seek expert help from experienced hands here at Ridpest, your reliable and trusted pest control company in Singapore. For more information, please visit our website.

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