4 Tips For Singaporean Homeowners To Protect Against Pests

Posted on22 Aug

4 Tips For Singaporean Homeowners To Protect Against Pests

Pests are the bane of every homeowner’s existence; not only are they a constant source of annoyance, they also bring potential health hazards and even property damage if they are allowed to roam free and do as they please. While serious pest infestations often require pest control services in Singapore, there are simple pest prevention measures that you can take to minimise the chances of these infestations — all it takes is due diligence and discipline. Here are a few tips to safeguard your home.

Regularly Removing Stagnant Water

pest control in Singapore regularly removing stagnant water

We’ve all seen the banners in our neighbourhoods reminding us to check for and remove stagnant water in our homes, and for good reason, too. Disease-carrying mosquitoes are known to breed on stagnant pools of water as small as a 20-cent coin. It is therefore imperative that you spend some time to regularly check your home for even the smallest pools of stagnant water and remove them to prevent a potential mosquito infestation, especially when dengue season in Singapore is far reaching and can even be lethal. If you’re unsure of whether you’ve been able to turn over every nook and cranny around your home, consider getting help from expert pest control in Singapore.

Store and Trash Food Properly

pest control in Singapore store and trash food properly

While it might be difficult to completely pest-proof your home, the least you can do is not roll out the red carpet for them by not properly storing or binning your food. Ensure that food is kept in air-tight containers, especially cereals, oats, fruits, or sugary food that attracts ants and cockroaches. Rodents are known to chew through plastic and in some cases, even aluminium, so do ensure that your containers are durable. When it comes to discarding food, get a sturdy bin with a tight lid to keep the smell away from pests and minimise the risk of spillage. More households are also resorting to makeshift dustbins in the form of plastic bags placed near the sink — ensure that they don’t stay there for too long, especially if there is already discarded food inside. If you must, then spray alcohol around the inside of the bag to prevent pests from helping themselves. Nevertheless, our specialists at RidPest pest control Singapore recommend you take out the trash regularly.

Repair Leaking Pipes

pest control in Singapore repair leaking pipes

Leaking pipes, especially those underneath kitchen or bathroom sinks are a magnet for pests like termites, ants, cockroaches, rats, and if you happen to live near the ground, snakes. Leaking pipes also create mouldy environments that these pests greatly appreciate and even thrive on. Ensure that these issues are fixed timely and quickly, as pest infestations can be abrupt and rapid. If you already find yourself struggling with the aftermath, consider engaging companies like RidPest — we provide excellent mould removal in Singapore amongst other services.

Sweep and Mop Regularly

pest control in Singapore sweep and mop regularly

One of the most necessary practices in a home, but not done regularly enough, sweeping helps get rid of dirt, food debris, and dead skin cells that are usually not easily visible to the naked eye. These particles are a treat for pests. Mopping also gets rid of troublesome stains and residues that will otherwise attract pests as well. Sometimes, you don’t have to wait for situations to escalate to the point where pest control services in Singapore are required; it just takes a little effort to ensure that your home is well maintained.

That said, it might be difficult to completely prevent pests from entering your home; there are hard-to-reach places, or just areas that are impossible to inspect without experienced hands and eyes. This is where RidPest comes in with experts in the industry who know exactly where to look and measures to take that will be more effective. Check out our website for more information about the different pest control and prevention services that we offer.

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