4 Common Myths People Have About Pests and Pest Control

Posted on22 Aug

Common Myths People Have About Pests and Pest Control

Like the diseases that pests spread, misinformation about pests and pest control is equally damaging and can potentially jeopardise your home, business, and health. Yet, it’s easy to form misconceptions about a pest control company in Singapore and the work that they do because they’re not often seen and their work is not often understood by everyone else. It is therefore important to debunk these common myths about pests and pest control, especially when related issues can directly affect you.

Clean Homes Will Never Have Pests

Pests in a clean home in Singapore

While it’s true that the level of hygiene in your home does deter most pests from stopping by to visit to an extent, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will never show up. When it comes down to it, pests enter homes looking for three things — food, water, and shelter. Granted, while a dirty house is a better source of these things, a clean house can also provide them, just to a lesser extent. All it takes, for instance, is a piece of rotting wood hidden in the crevasses of your home for termites to start sniffing around. In short, always stay vigilant and never discount the possibility of seeking help from a pest control company in Singapore, no matter how clean you think your home is.

Pest Control is Only for Serious Infestations

Pests infestation issues in Singapore

Many of us regard a pest control company in Singapore as a last resort in dealing with pest-related issues, when all else has failed and the problem has snowballed into something we can’t handle. The reality is that early prevention and protection is often the best defence against the potential health and structural damages that infestations can cause when left unchecked. Before they get to that point, engage professional pest management experts who will get to the root of these infestations and eliminate them before they have a chance to grow.

You Can Take Care of Pests Yourself

Pests control and management in Singapore

Given how easy it is to find videos online on dealing with pests, it’s understandable that many of us assume that a mix of DIY videos and store-bought insect traps would suffice in dealing with most pest problems. However, there’s a difference between killing pests and getting rid of the source of the issue. It’s like eliminating termites without noticing the rotting wooden foundation that they have been attracted to; or killing cockroaches without realising a decomposing rodent caught between your walls that they have been feeding on. Thorough pest management requires the appropriate knowledge and experience in order to identify the source of the infestation and destroy it once and for all.

Chemicals Used in Pest Management are Toxic and Dangerous

earth friendly pest control

When we think of pest control, we often associate pungent fumes from fogging and fumigation with it, as well as the cocktail of chemicals used to poison and kill pests. With this imagery, it’s easy to see why there is a common misconception that these chemicals are toxic. However, a certified pest control company in Singapore is required to undergo rigorous training that focuses on the safe execution of pest control measures that will not jeopardise the general public in any way. Additionally, chemicals used in pest management are regularly reviewed and updated so that only those that are safer and more environmentally friendly are used. For instance, Ridpest utilises a special Mirakn formula that allows us to fumigate and treat areas without the need for solvent-based insecticides which often leave oily residues.

For more information about Ridpest’s services and pest management methodologies, please check out our website.

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