Company Background

Ridpest has been delivering quality and reliable services as a pest control company in Singapore since 1973. Our long years of experience in providing various pest control services to our clients had taught us more about the nature of common pests as well as how to effectively eliminate them from a given property. 

Since the humble beginnings of our pest control company, we have aspired to provide effective solutions to homes and workplaces in preventing growth and eliminating the various types of pest from a property in such a way that there will be less to no obstruction to the day to day routine in a household or an establishment. Providing our clients with the comfort of continuing their lives amidst the pest control operation has always been the goal of our team. This principle gets us closer to the hearts of our clients who are sharing their positive experiences with their friends and relatives, which in turn, made our pest control company grow.

Today, Ridpest continued our legacy of supporting businesses and homeowners by ensuring that their property will remain pest-free. Our pest control company strives to meet the global standard in using environmentally friendly solutions that are also safe for human health while retaining our services at an affordable price.


Why Choose Us?

Ridpest is the leading pest control company in Singapore that offers comprehensive solutions while ensuring the health and environmental safety compliance. We have a wide range of services to offer, each specifically targeting a certain type of pest, for your residential and commercial property needs.

No task is too small or too big for Ridpest. Here, we treat each and every client’s request as a special task that we need to give our full attention and capabilities on. This dedication can be seen from what our clients say about their experiences with us!


Our Services

Our pest control company provides a complete line of services for every common pest in homes and workplaces. Here are some of our solutions:

  • Residential Pest Control - ridding your house of common pests such as rodents, house flies, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites and more. 

  • Commercial Pest Control - providing excellent and effective fumigation and pest removal services for your commercial establishment, warehouse, factory and offices in Singapore.

  • Marine Vessels Pest Control - cruise ships, cargo ships and other marine vessels are prone to having various types of infestations. We provide effective pest control and fumigation for these ships.

  • Car Fumigation - having cockroaches inside the car is a common occurrence for humid countries like Singapore. Thus, we offer fumigation services to keep your car interior pest-free.